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Vijay Sales Padmavati Chowk Pune-Satara Road

Monday, January 5, 2009

Vijay Sales Padmavati Chowk Pune-Satara Road Right on Pune Satara Road, just opposite Sharda Arcade. See the Map Below.
World's First 2-Billion Transistor Microprocessor code named Tukwila Source Intel
Intel co-founder Gordon Moore is a visionary. In 1965, his prediction, popularly known as Moore's Law, states that the number of transistors on a chip will double about every two years. And Intel has kept that pace for nearly 40 years. Moore's Law
Rapid advances in electronics make the old PCs, TVS, Music Systems, Cell Phones, Cameras redundant. This leads to E-waste. See the Greenpeace video below.
Electronics Shop on Satara Road Pune Vijay Sales
Opp. Sharda Arcade, Pune Satara Road, Pune 411009 Phone: 24218070
Location Map and Directions to Vijay Sales Satara Road Pune
LandMark: Sharda Arcade, Nearby locations Ashwamegh Bajaj, Basuri Restaurant, Kale Consultants, Career Forum, City Pride (Towards Swargate), Market Yard (1 to 2 KM), Laxminarayan Cinema (Towards Swargate), Swargate Bus Stand (2 KM).

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For Pune E-waste check Maharashtra Pollution control Board. In case you have more information please share with me at
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However the scale of the problem is simply immense. About 3.3 lakh tonnes of e-waste generated in 2007 was dumped into the rivers, land fills and sewage drains. While the chemicals used to corrode e-waste seep into the ground, e-waste junk like refrigerator bodies, compressors from air conditioners and waste plastic used to make phones just keep on piling up. Economic times

Tackling e-waste: A major concern ---- Economic times
Some computer re-cycling facts and guidelines can be found here.
MPCB set to track hazardous waste electronically --- Times of India
President-elect Obama has pledged to spend $150 billion over five years in green technology Green Computing
Delhi could be a global E-waste capital ---Times of India
PCMC to begin e-waste project ---- E Waste Guide
E Waste flood alert ---- Times of India
Toxics Link  is an environmental NGO, dedicated to bring toxic related information into the public domain
Between 1980 and 2007 about 110 million computer units (desktops, monitors, notebooks) were considered obsolete and disposed. Every year only about 18% of these units are recycled at all. The rest of these units end up in landfills or shipped, and dumped in third world countries. Green Coms